Photo Light Pro

Photo Light PRO is a revolutionary software that simulates a professional photography studio.

•Learn how to use lighting without having to be in a studio, save time and money
•Plan your studio shoots beforehand
•Design creative lighting techniques for unique photos

Just $6.99 for a limited time!

RC Photography
"Used @PhotoLightPro for the first time on a workshop last night at the GCC and it worked a treat. Fantastic tool and no brainer for €5"

John Smith
"I Bought it. Best $6.99 EVER SPENT! It is a fantastic projective software and i recommend it highly. "

Marty Bicek
"Anyone looking to learn a little about portrait lighting, here you go... Great little cheap program to understand how light falls on people/things"

Doug Ward
"I got this software the other day and it was the best $6.99 i've spent in a long time, i love the way it works and it's flexibility..."

"Para quienes buscan herramientas para mejorar su fotografía de estudio"

Marcelo Monzón
"Realmente por 7 dolares todas estas opciones... Buenísimo! llegas al estudio y en 5' armaste el set"