Photo Light Pro

Photo Light PRO is a revolutionary software that simulates a professional photography studio.

•Learn, practice and teach lighting when you cannot be in the studio, save time and money
•Plan your studio shoots beforehand
•Design creative lighting techniques for unique photos

Just $6.99 for a limited time!


RC Photography
"Used @PhotoLightPro for the first time on a workshop last night at the GCC and it worked a treat. Fantastic tool and no brainer for €5"

John Smith
"I Bought it. Best $6.99 EVER SPENT! It is a fantastic projective software and i recommend it highly. "

Marty Bicek
"Anyone looking to learn a little about portrait lighting, here you go... Great little cheap program to understand how light falls on people/things"

Doug Ward
"I got this software the other day and it was the best $6.99 i've spent in a long time, i love the way it works and it's flexibility..."

"Para quienes buscan herramientas para mejorar su fotografía de estudio"

Marcelo Monzón
"Realmente por 7 dolares todas estas opciones... Buenísimo! llegas al estudio y en 5' armaste el set"