Photoshop Pack

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Awesome Photoshop commands which speed up your workflow and transform your photos magically with a single click.

Have at your disposal:

  • Color Grading Tools: 100 photoshop actions that magically transforms your photos in seconds.
  • Lights and flares: 58 Photoshop flares Actions + 14 Photoshop Lights Actions. Give a unique look to your photos thanks to the power of lights and flares.
  • Debris & Dust: 23 Debris and Dust Photoshop brushes. Explosive and deep feeling for images that require power and action. All brushes are in 4K Size.
  • Lens Dirt: 67 photoshop actions that will transform your photos with a unique and memorable atmosphere. Give a special look to your photos thanks to subtle stains on the lens glass.
  • Particles: 27 photoshop actions that naturally enhances the environment of your photos. Add particles of dust, snow, rain, fire sparks and more.


photoshop debris and dust

lights and flares

photoshop lights and flares

photoshop particles

How it works

Simple! install the actions on photoshop, choose a category and then click on the action you want to apply. The following videos explain all you need to know and watching them doesn’t take more than 4 minutes.