Photoshop & Lightroom Pack

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Color Grading Pack (62 presets):

  • Enhance the color of your photographs.
  • Simulate the film look very precisely.
  • Add presence and feeling to your photos.

Black & White Pack (26 presets):

  • Your photos with a B&W unique look.
  • Create Dramatic or Romantic images.
  • Perfect for people, landscape, city or skyline photography.

photoshop & lightroom pack

photoshop & lightroom pack


Color Grading Tools:

  • 100 photoshop actions that magically transforms your photos in seconds.

Lights and flares:

  • 58 Photoshop flares Actions + 14 Photoshop Lights Actions.
  • Give a unique look to your photos thanks to the power of lights and flares.

Debris & Dust:

  • 23 Debris and Dust Photoshop brushes.
  • Explosive and deep feeling for images that require power and action.
  • All brushes are in 4K Size.

photoshop debris and dust

Lens Dirt:

  • 67 photoshop actions that will transform your photos with a unique and memorable atmosphere.
  • Give a special look to your photos thanks to subtle stains on the lens glass.


  • 27 photoshop actions that naturally enhances the environment of your photos.
  • Add particles of dust, snow, rain, fire sparks and more.

photoshop particles