Complete Bundle for Digital Artists

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  • 44 drag and drop transitions to bring action and dynamism to your videos.
  • Categories: Blur, flash, lens distortion, panning, random scale, shake, spin, zoom and glitch transitions.
  • 73 LUTs for color grading your videos in seconds.
  • No plugins needed.

Complete Bundle for Digital Artists


  • Color Grading Tools: 100 photoshop actions to color grade your photos in seconds.
  • Lights and flares: 58 light flares + 14 Lights actions. Give a unique look to your photos thanks to the power of lights and flares.
  • Debris & Dust: 23 Debris and Dust brushes. Explosive and deep feeling for images that require power and action.
  • Lens Dirt: 67 actions that will give a special look to your photos thanks to subtle stains on the lens glass.
  • Particles: 27 actions that naturally enhances the environment of your photos by adding particles of dust, snow, rain, fire sparks and more.


  • Color Grading Pack: 62 presets that enhance the color of your photographs. Simulate the film look very precisely. Add presence and feeling to your photos.
  • Black & White Pack:26 presets. Your photos with a B&W unique look. Create Dramatic or Romantic images. Perfect for people, landscape, city or skyline photography.
  • Stage & Concert Pack: 87 presets designed especially for your concerts and stages photos that respond to any light conditions, taking care of the skin tones and keeping the action of the moment. 


  • Color Grading Pack:41 presets for improving the colors on your footage approaching all the possible Dynamic Range with just 1 click.
  • DR. MOGRAPHMore than 300 presets. Dr. Mograph lets you create motion graphics in After Effects in a simple and fast way. Create stunning motion graphics in just minutes.
  • No plugins needed.


  • 100 professional Mastering presets that enhance sonic characteristics of your music and stand them up comparably in quality and loudness to commercially released music.
  • 45 of these presets were crafted using the Vintage EQ Collection and will give that rich and natural tone of analog processors.
  • There is more! Master your music by yourself. Learn the basic concepts of Mastering and understand how the process is done (4 video-lessons).
  • Presets are very easy to use.
  • No external plugins needed.